Monday, 30 August 2010

Playboy Plays a New Game

After launching The Smoking Jacket, a marginally safe-for-work website, Playboy expects to launch a new gaming label by the end of 2010.

Peter Smith, ITworld

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If you're under 40, you probably don't realize that there was a time when the Playboy brand was relevant. Stop smirking. It was! Back in the 60's and 70's that bunny silouhette was everywhere. Playboy Magazine really did have good articles, short stories and interviews both from and about big names. There were Playboy night clubs (no, not strip joints), a Playboy book division, and even a TV show (Playboy After Dark).

But times changed and Playboy more or less faded from the mainstream public eye and went back to just being the name of a girlie magazine to most people. I assume some segment of the young male demographic still is interested but the "Playboy Empire" is a shadow of its former self. A few weeks ago Playboy launched The Smoking Jacket, a marginally safe-for-work website, in an attempt to build a broader audience (see Playboy launches website for office drones). I don't think they could've come up with a more anachronistic name than "The Smoking Jacket" and I'm worried about posting that link to the site for fear of triggering NetNanny filters. I guess if you work in the kind of office where you could sit at your desk and read Maxim without raising any eyebrows, you'd be safe heading to The Smoking Jacket. I sure wouldn't want to be caught on that site while at my office.


  1. I liek playboy :D

  2. This is a great post man! checking in on my daily rounds to show some real love for you. oh and i made a new minecraft blog maybe you check it out